National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services


Experiencing and spreading the Kingdom of God through the Anointing of the Holy Ghost,understanding the Holy Scripture and sacred tradition of the Holy Catholic Church,through CHARIS ,for the benefit of whole human race,irrespective of rites,race,denominations,language or nationality barriers.


Hope ,Pray and Act in the Love of Jesus to Renew the Church and the Whole World by spreading the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit showered through the Currents of Grace,through various ministries of the CHARIS.


Obedience to the local Prelate or Apostolic body (council of Bishops) Following approved,updated guidelines of organization and function Openness and welcome to all the renewal streams operating within the Catholic Church Willingness and readiness for ecumenical reach outs to give a common witness to proclaim Jesus is Lord! to the whole world.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ a united in one Spirit,

It provides a lot of joy and happiness to introduce the electronic bulletin Charis Emiratesa, as part of the activities of National charismatic service team of UAE.

To move in the rhythm of Gods Spirt is what the essence of charismatic prayer life is. We ought to live in the gentle breeze of the Lords Spirit, recognizing Him in the softness of His tender and caring love and compassion.

 After the earthquake, there was a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. After the fire, there was a quiet, gentle sound (1 Kings 19:12).

God chose to speak with his mighty servant Elijah in the gentle sound of a whisper instead of fire and thunder. Similarly, I pray that the Lord

uses this spirit filled bulletin to whisper His presence among us.  The wind blows where it will (John 3:8). Yes, the Spirit of God can move as He wishes and as He wills. We should allow him to blow within our hearts so that we can breathe his power and joy. May we become an army of God, united in one accord for the glory of.. continue